Post Storm Alert

Private wells and public water supplies that have been out of power are suspect to contamintation also Govenor Christie has said that public water supplies may have been compromised in many areas of our state.
  1. Flood waters from Sandy pose risk of water supply contamination
  2. Water Contaminated With Sewage And Other Gross Things

New Jersey analytical labs offers a public water scan and a private water scan to verifiy the quality of your water supply and tests can be scheduled via or via telephone at 609-737-3477 or 908-689-6636 or by dropping off samples the the locations below.
Please be advised that once your power is restored we urge you to confirm your water quality by chosing one of  the tests, currently discounted to support our clients in the affected areas as a result of hurricane Sandy.
Sample drop off locations are currently set in 3 locations:


Sam Stothoff Well Drilling
Route 31 and Emery Avenue
Flemington, NJ 08822
New Jersey Analytical Labs
380 Scotch Road, Building 2
Ewing, NJ 08628
Colaluce Well and Pump Service
2393 Route 57
Washington, NJ 07882


  • Contamination test-Water Purity for wells-public water in NJ
  • Wells would be a Standard Plus Scan at $299 to verify drinking water purity.
  • Public water would be a public city water scan.  
Call For Info: 609-737-3477 -- 908-689-6636

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